'Yours, Sincerely'

I'm currently working on my first book entitled Yours Sincerely. This book will be a hybrid text including standard prose, poetry, lists, recipes, and all sorts! Yours Sincerely will end up being a collection of 100 'letters' that have been written inspired by anonymous prompts. I wanted to write these letters as a way of showing how we can embrace our own stories and connect with each other. 

So far, the letter-writing process is going well. I am enjoying watching the book come together and have found so much joy in writing each day. From prompts of purple lists to song suggestions and personal stories, this collection of letters has a huge variety and there is something for everybody. Some letters explore a little of my story, while also reaching into the stories of others.

There are so many reasons that I took on this project. I have been an avid letter writer for many years. Even as a child, I enjoyed writing little notes to my parents and my friends. Letters seem to be an intimate way of expressing experiences in a way that forms a connection. I hoped that in writing this book, that I could connect with others and speak into their stories and circumstances. Using prompts to create the book has helped this part of the creative process and has enabled me to find ways of speaking about things that really matter to those reading this book. 

I am passionate about using my writing to make a difference so I decided that I wanted to use this project to raise money and awareness for the charity Papyrus, especially having experienced my own difficulties with mental health. Papyrus is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide here in the UK. Papyrus provide confidential support through their listening service, HOPELINE UK where trained volunteers come alongside those struggling with thoughts of suicide, but also those who are concerned for a young person they know. Papyrus aim to equip groups with suicide prevention skills and continue to influence the conversation around suicide by campaigning.

Raising awareness is key. If you’re reading this and you have found yourself in a difficult place, know that you are seen and you don’t have to carry this alone. I want people to know that Papyrus is a safe space to talk about suicide without judgment. You don’t have to wait until the point of crisis to reach out, they are there to listen and support you.

You can get involved by donating here on my just giving page ( https://www.justgiving.com/fun... ) or through Papyrus directly. You can follow my social media pages for regular updates and sneak peeks at the letters that I am writing. You could also check out the work that Papyrus does and help me spread awareness for the charity. Their work is vital!

I hope that these letters that I am writing will speak love, hope, and joy into the lives of many. The stories and prompts people have shared with me have been inspiring and writing this book continues to be incredibly healing for me in so many ways. Thank you for joining me on this journey, I look forward to connecting with you.