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Take My Place

I came to Liverpool searching and I myself was found
Grace sought me out in the darkest of shadows
and glowed light where the pain was all around.

Though at first, I was nameless -
I felt the embrace of those I walked amongst
Friendly faces, once strangers, became chosen family-
offering an instant welcome that I had not known before.
A city where authenticity, individuality and unity are celebrated.
Where those who live here own the streets, and those who merely pass through are filled by the love that inhabits each corner.

Liverpool saw me trade pride with humility
And find a quiet strength in vulnerability
Anchoring into a Hope bigger than I am -
I trusted that there was more to my story than what I could see
Took risks, fell short and started over again.
Fell apart and pulled the pieces back together
with more strength than I ever knew I would need.

Liverpool has been Home
since I first walked the cobbles of Albert Docks
Today I come full circle
as I place my padlock alongside thousands of others,
leaving a piece of my soul where I was first called to take my place.

Love Locks Of Liverpool Docks